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About Us

Santana Trading Co., Ltd.

We introduce and sell cosmetics and beauty goods that assist your daily lives from all over the world.

Company name Santana Trading Co., Ltd.
Address 2F Keizaireport bldg, 3-5-8 Mikadocho, Fukuyama-city, Hiroshima 720-0805, Japan
Established 2008
What we do

・Online shopping (Major malls including Amazon, Rakuten, Yahoo shopping)
・Apparel・Daily goods
・Industrial machinery
・Main bank Hiroshima Bank

Business hours Monday-Friday, 10:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M.
Holidays Saturday, Sunday, and Holidays
Telephone +81-84-973-3081
Fax number +81-84-973-3082
Closest station Fukuyama sta.
Access 100m North from Midorimachi Mall, Halows
Capital 10 million yen

Messages from CEO


Company that earning customers’ trust

-Building Win-Win Relationships-

We have run the company by searching what customers really want regardless it is domestic or overseas products and by selling them. Throughout our path, we have gained customer’s trust thanks to our effort.

We,at Santana Trading, have and will have remained consistently true to the customer-first principle and continue to improve and challenge for better to provide our service and products.

What We Do

  • Online shop, wholesale


  • Suppliments
  • Daily goods
  • Industrial machinery


★Would you like to establish a relationship of WIN-WIN with us for a huge Japanese market?


As you may know, to success in the Japanese market, we must ensure not only the quality of the products, but also customer correspondence and after-follow etc.

You will be surprised that our market is strictly hard situation. However, you can gain trust globally if you clear the major hardle and obtaining sales and product recognition in Japan.

When you succeed in selling your products in Japan which is the most severe on whether quality or customer response in the world, that makes a hugely positive effect on your business. Also it may be a majour step into change the current status.

If you are considering selling your products in Japan, how about entrust us with the representation?

The quick way of becoming successful is by finding and selling a partner of a reliable Japanese corporation.

★Overwhelming customer satisfaction and flexible response by long-term Internet sales history

Our strength is from our own years of experience, that we have overwhelming customer satisfaction and it is possible to respond flexibly.

If you want to raise sales in Japan quickly, Internet sales are still the best. Japanese Internet market is as small as several trillion yen, and the ever-increasing of 10% per annum is still continued.

We can cover all the entire range of famous Japanese online shopping sites such as Amazon, Yahoo Shopping, Rakuten, Qoo10 and Mercari etc. When you entrust sales to us, you can become available in a moment to Japanese big online market automatically.

Our Internet sales career is more than a decade.

We have accumulated know-how on methods of each online site so far and we have kept highly appraised with sincere customer responsiveness, therefore we have received customer satisfaction from many repeaters.

The conduct commerce with us will cover all Japanese internet shopping site. Also sometimes you would like to sell some products wholesale to a company directly and not are not Internet.

We will respond flexibly when you wish to wholesale to a company. Of course, if there are other requests, feel free to contact us.

Recently merchant accounts are steadily deleted due to fake review from overseas like Amazon, and making it difficult to create new accounts. The brand value of overseas manufacturers are also being lost.

The situation led Japanese customers become sensitive and shoot a hard look to the direct overseas sellars.

If you still consider selling your products in Japan, how about entrust us with the representation?

The quick way of becoming successful is by finding and selling a partner of a reliable Japanese corporation.